Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where Does the Time Go, Etc.

It's Wednesday already! Gosh, it seems that as one ages, the time seems to go faster and faster! I hope you have all of your plans set up for NYEve, and please enjoy yourself responsibly! Tomorrow night starts a three night homestand for the Coulee Region Chill, and don't miss the Spartans' free scrimmage on Friday, 2:00pm at the La Crosse Center.

I like a little 'Monkey business' every now and again, so I thought you'd like this story of animals in the news in 2010!

I enjoy the commentary by NASCAR.Com's David Carviello, so I thought that we'd look at his Season in Review for today's NASCAR Moment. Enjoy!

'Yall have a great New Year's Eve, We will catch ya back Later, Peace Out!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beautiful Weather for December, Not?

Wow! A reprieve from the nastyness of winter for a few days anyway, LOL. Things are winding down a bit here at Classic Rock 100.1. After all of the hustle and bustle of the new year, we get a bit of breathing room to catch up, then on to spring!

In today's NASCAR Moment, lets take a look at some stuff from the Nationwide Series, shall we?

Cyborgs are here! Get the full details here! I don't know what to think about this! Check it out, and you tell me!

TTFN, Peace Out!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Nice Day! Plans for New Year's Eve, etc....

I trust you and yours had a Merry Christmas? Next, it's New Year's Eve parties, oh... and don't forget the big Packers Bears game on Sunday!!!! You have many choices for NYE.... you can check out the Spartans scrimmage at 2:00 pm at the LaCrosse Center (friend them at follwed by the Big New Years Eve Bash, with a Punt, Pass & Kick competition, magicians, live music and the Big Event Company with games for the kids! I will be spinning up the tunes during the scrimmage. Then you can jet up to the Omni Center for our New Year's Eve Extravaganza, featuring a Coulee Region Chill game (again, I'll be spinning up the tunes, LOL) and then stay and ring in the new year with us as we enjoy music from the Freezers, The Hottest Band Since The Ice Age. Your ticket covers food, beverage and the party of the year! 'Yall have fun now, Hear?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Christmas Eve.

My blog will be short ans sweet today! Just wanting to wish you and yours a safe and Merry Christmas! I'm in for Karen again. I really hope you feel better soon Lady! God Bless, and keep Rockin'! Don't forget the Trans-Siberian Orchestra show tomorrow night at 6, and Christmas morning at 8! I hope you get everything you want, and then some!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a Nice Day!

Got outside for a while today... the temps are nice, and just geting fresh air rocks! I'm in for Karen again today. Hope it doesn't hamper your enjoyment, ROTFL. Keep Rockin'!

Don't try these for your headache, LOL! Here's a story about some 200 year old pills, and insites into old fashined medicine. Enjoy!

Some changes in the Hendrick organisation for 2011 have some hoping that it will be a comeback year for Dale Jr. Let's take a look in today's NASCAR Moment!
Hope you all have a great day! Peace Out!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday.... Hmmm.....

What can you say about Tuesday? I hope you all got your driveways and sidewalks cleared of the crud. That was a chore at my house, LOL. Big plans for Christmas? My wife and I are staying home Christmas day, and then attending the big family doings at my brother's house on Sunday. I hope you and yours have a wonderful time, whatever you are doing!

In today's NASCAR Moment, we get a few Questions and Answers with NASCAR VP for Competition Robin Pemberton about the upcoming 2011 season. Here's the full story!

In a bit of a 'Things are tough all over' bit, let's look at this story about being a Mall Santa. Makes me glad I'm in radio, LOL!

TTFN, Peace Out!

Monday, December 20, 2010

More Snow, and Other Stuff.

Like it or not, with the start of winter tomorrow morning, we are getting more snow as we speak. The Winter Storm Warning is for north of I-90... keep it tuned to 100.1 for updates, and you can get any school closings or delays for tomorrow on our Links page!

As an astronomy buff (I have a 4.5" reflector telescope) I can't pass this up.... the only problem? The storm. We won't be able to see it! Anyway, here's details on the lunar eclipse!

In today's NASCAR Moment, let's take a look at the season that almost was a Championship one for Denny Hamlin. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Year's Eve Plans, etc.

What 'Yall doing for New Year's Eve? I'll be spinning up the tunes for the Spartans' scrimmage in the afternoon, followed by a Chill game in the evening. My wife and I will wrap up with the Extravaganza at the Omni Center, with one of my favorite local bands, The Freezers! A fun filled, busy day!

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding Miley's experimentation (and getting caught) with the legal herb Salvia. Here's a story where Mellissa Gilbert (of Little House fame) talks about child stars acting out. It's pretty good reading!
With the repaving completed at Daytona, NASCAR drivers are looking forward to the upcoming tire test. Check out the full story Here!
Weather is starting to get a bit warmer. Maybe I'll get to the slopes one of these days! TTFN, Peace Out!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It Is COLD!!!!

Wow! I really hope this cold snap comes to a close soon! The thermometer in the truck read -23 when I started it up this morning! I'm glad I winterized the house! I can only imagine how much gas we'd be using if I hadn't, LOL! I hope you and yours are staying warm in this.... if you do have to go out in this, bundle up in layers and protect your face.

A real-life DaVinci code? It appears that there are microscopic letters in the eyes of the Mona Lisa that may have some meaning. Get Detals!

In today's NASCAR Moment, let's look at Greg Biffle of Rosch-Fenway Racing's season recap, and a look at their expectaitons for 2011. Here's the story.
Well. Keep the faith, stay warm, and keep it tuned to 100.1! Peace Out!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Finally Dug Out!

Wow! What a snowfall! I was out and about during the blizzard.... and yes, it was a blizzard, ROTFL! Took most of the day yesterday to try to dig out. Thank God for snowblowers is all I can say! Helping the neighbors that don't have one is part of the fun of snow removal! I'm just wondering where the township is going to go with all of the snow! The pile in front of my house is already 10 feet high, and about 40 feet wide! And it's only December! The skiing looks good tho! Maybe I can get out next week! Let's hope so! I hope all of you have gotten your place cleaned up! I'm subbing for Karen today, hope you are feeling better Girl!

In today's NASCAR Moment, let's look at the repaiving at Daytona Int'l Speedway. They have the project done! Get the Details!

I'm feeling sorry for Vikings fans today. Not only is the seaon in the tank, but so is their home stadium! Here's a story, with video of the collapse, and some of the other fun things that the storm caused this weekend. Enjoy!

Stay Warm, Keep Rockin'! TTFN, Peace Out!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Weather Coming In!

I think it would be a good weekend to just snuggle up next to a fire, if I had a fireplace, LOL!!! Keep warm, get the snowblower and shovels ready! Sunday sounds like it could be cold!

I am not a big fan of Kyle Bush, but I found this story about his season pretty enjoyable. Love him or hate him, Kyle is good for the sport! Here's all the details!

Anyone up for an 1800 light-year trip? You'd come back with a BUNCH of Diamonds! Check out this story!

TTFN, Peace Out!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let It Snow!

Is Mt. La Crosse open yet? I'll need to take a look! This snow is really giving me the itch to hit the slopes! Holiday train is expected at around 9:15, we will be there with music and greetings from Santa! Get out and enjoy it!

NASCAR, as many of you know, operates north of our borders as well, In Canada. In today's NASCAR Momnet, we will look at this story announcing Keystone Light to be the new title sponsor for NASCAR Canada.

Meet Zach. He's turning 16, and has been racing since he was 12, starting with go-carts. What is interesting is that he doesn't have adrivers licence, and thinks that driving on the road is harder than driving on the track! Get the full story here!

Don't break your back shoveling, TTFN.. Peace Out!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BOOM, BOOM, OUt Go the Lights!

Thank you for bearing with us during our planned power outage this afternoon! And congrats to the 'Our Loss is Your Gain' winner!

In today's NASCAR Moment, let's look at sponsorships for 2011. They are up by more than 10%, which I think is good for the sport! Maybe the recession fears are easing a bit. Here's the full story!

Weird stuff at Disneyland? Check out this story!

Meanwhile, keep the faith! Peace Out!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nice Day Today!

A very nice day, all around! met with some co-workers and teammates today for lunch, and managed to keep the house warm last night! Having issues fixed makes life so much easier, don't you think?

I, like others wonder what it will be like to go thru one of these new scanners that the TSA is using in airports, as I go out of the country periodically. I came accross this story about t-shirts you can wear under your clothes to remind the TSA of the fourth amendment to the consitution. Check it out!

NASCAR has set a date for the 2011 Hall of Fame Induction. Get the details, and a list of the inductees Here, in today's NASCAR Moment!

Stay warm, and keep rockin'! TTFN, Peace Out!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Busy Day! Snow Coming!

I'm in for Karen this afternoon, and a Chill game tonight! Come on out to the Omni Center for tonight's game against Owatana! Plus, there's snow coming!!!! I can't wait! I really want to hit the slopes!

I love the plans that a Pittsburg company has for the refubishing of an old steel mill..... turn it into a park! This is thinking outside the box. Get Details here!

Day three of Champion's Week, Vegas Style is going on as we speak. Check out the flash here, in today's NASCAR Moment!

Get your snow shovels and snowblowers ready! TTFN, Peace Out!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let It Snow!

As a skier, I feel it's time for Snow! Can't ski without it, you know, LOL! I hope you are having a Great Day!
It's Champion's Week in Vegas this year for the Sprint Cup! Here's a link to all the activities..... you can still get tickets!

Can someone own the sun? This lady in Spain seems to think she does... this cracked me up! Check it out!
Keep the Faith! TTFN, Peace Out!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Colder Temps... Hot Rock!

We are still Rockin' at 100.1! The temps are dropping, but the rock stays hot! Make sure to stop and see the Rotary Light display! A Million Lights!!! Too Cool by far! Don't forget the canned food for those less fortunate.

There's talk out there that Jimmie Johnson may just be the best NASCAR driver of all time, and five consecutive championships kind of speaks for itself. In today's NASCAR Moment, let's take a look, shall we?

NASA is set to make a big announcement about an 'Astrobilology Finding'. Does this mean extraterrestrial life? You be the gudge... here's the full story.
Stay warm, and keep Rockin'! Have a Great Night! Peace Out!

Monday, November 29, 2010


It is the first year in recent memory that I've been skunked during the regular gun season for deer. Oh well, it was still nice to get together with the boys and hang out.... made some money in the nickle-dime poker games tho!, LOL. More Tomorrow. Keep Rockin' Peace Out!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Thursday again!

Off 'till the 29th!, but not before Toys For Tots tomorrow. stop down to the La Crosse Center from 8-10 AM, I'll be hanging out with Kelly collecting your donations. Then it's off to deer camp! Just spending time with my brothers is cool, and I get to put food on the table at the same time :-) I'll miss you, loyal listener.... Untill the 29th, Peace Out!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cool Tunes, Cool Weather, and Toys For Tots

I love the Rock on 100.1! Getting to work on this station, adn bring it to you, is a great experience, and I love all of you for supporting us! Speaking of, I'll be haning out with Kelly at the La Crosse Center Friday, for Toys For Tots! Stop by with your donations, toys, cash, etc. I'll be down there from 8-10 am!

Getting closer to Thanksgiving next week... I came across this story of a guy who wants dinner for 6...... For under $1.00.... check it out!

In today's NASCAR Moment, let's take a 'Head-to-Head' look at the Chase Championship.

Enjoy your Evening! Peace Out!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting the Itch to Hunt!

Just wanted you all to know that I'll be out of the office, so to speak from Friday 'till the weekend after Thanksgiving.... Going to be in the woods, after the elusive white-tailed buck! Will be having fun with my brothers, a chance for us guys to get together, play poker, have a few beverages, and put food on the table. I can't wait!

What a difference a week makes! In Sunday's Sprint Cup race at Phoenix, Denny Hamiln needed a splash of gas, relegating him to a 12th place finish. He is still 1st in the points, but it is a lot closer than he'd like. Here's a story about his crew chief, and his reactions to the last two weeks. Enjoy!
This story has me wanting to go to Florida to pick up a truck.... Free AK 47s! I'm serious! Check it out!

Have a Great Night! Peace Out!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Last of Our Nice Fall Days?

I know i've liked them, but it seems that it's the last. Oh well, easy cone, easy go they say!

It seems that the mysterious 'Missile Lauch' in California was simply a plane..... go figure. Get the full story here!

In today's NASCAR Moment, let's take a look at the "Inside Line" on Denny Hamlin's season and the chase, shall we?
See you all tomorrow night for the Wintervention show! TTFN, Peace Out!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Don't Forget The Party!

I just can't wait for the Blaze-Orange-Bash on Saturday night. It happens in Bangor, at the Log Cabin. I'll be spinning up tunes, Lots of Miller High-Life, Miller Lite, and others! We will be giving away the awesome Yamaha ATV that Two Brother's Powersports has, as well as a Matthews Bow from LaCrosse-Sparta Archery! You need to make plans to be there!

This Year's Chase for the Sprint Cup has been really cool. In today's NASCAR Moment, let's take a look back at the Texas Race from Sunday, and see if things may be slipping a bit for four-time-in-a-row champ. Here's a link to a bunch of cool videos!

I hope this isn't the next trend in rock music, but I found this story on musical saws to be interesting. Check it Out!

Have a Great One, and we will see you on Thursday Night for Warren Miller's Wintervention at the Omni Center! Peace Out!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, Monday.....

I know it's not one of our tunes, but it is true today... LOL! Hope you had a great weekend! Badgers and Packers win, and somebody other than Jimmy Johnson won the Texas race. We'll touch on that later.

This story kind of bothered me a little bit. It seems some scientist types want to recreate the 'Big Bang' that some claim started all of this. I won't get on my high-horse, but I'll let you decide for yourself wether you think it's right.

Denny Hamlin won in Texas yesterday in a good race. He also took the points lead in the Chase for the Sprint Cup. Get details here!

Have a Great Night, we will see you Thursday at Wintervention! Peace Out!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yup, Fall is Really Here, LOL!

The heat has needed to be on at our house, and has run thruought the day today, LOL.

Get a look at the ATV we are giving away with Miller and Two Bros Powersports tomorrow at Burnstad's in Tomah. Neil will have it out from 4-6.

Enjoy the Pro Championship Bullriding tomrorrow and Saturday. I will be at the Chill game in Onalaska running sound Saturday night. Stop by and say Hi!

As I've said before, the Chase for the Sprint Cup is as close as it has been in years! Here's a Link to all things Chase! Enjoy!

It seems that the infamous 'Toto' from the Wizard of Oz doesn't have a place to rest. His former grave was taken over by a freeway. Some folks want to help him get a new one! Check out the story here! There is a link to the Facebook Page where they are trying to raise money to inter the little guy! I think it's kind of cool, and just a little weird!

Keep warm, cuddle up, and listen to Classic Rock! Peace Out!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last Minute Winterizing, etc.

Had a few windows to get covered, and got some minor construction taken care of today! What great weather we've had, too bad it seems to be coming to a close :-(

Things are slowing down a bit at 100.1, but you can still get involved with the ATV and Bow Package giveaway... Neil will have the ATV at Burnstad's in Tomah on Friday from 4-6!

A while ago, I mentioned Denver's proposed UFO Commission. Well, the voters have spoken, and they don't like the idea... DUH! Here's the full story!

The recession has been hard on most enterprises, including my beloved NASCAR. However, times are beginning to look better. Check out this story on new sponsorships!
Thanks agiain for listening! Have a Great Night! Peace Out!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cool Nights, Nice Days!

This time of year is my favorite! Harvesting going on, Thanksgiving and deer hunting coming up... I just love it! And I love being able to rock you thru your evenings on Classic Rock!

In my not so humble opinion, we could use a donut shop like this one around here! They are offering a 'Psycho Nurse' calendar. Check it out!
Tallededga has held some pretty rough times for Dale Jr. In Today's NASCAR Moment, let's take a deeper look, shall we?

'Yall have a good night now, hear? Peace Out!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to November!

November already!!! Wow, where does the time go! Well, we are still kickin' it at Classic Rock! Had a very busy weekend, as usual, Thanks to all who came out for the Haloween Party at Nutbush... you know who you are!

A very close Chase is heating up, with three drivers within 50 points of each other! Here's a look at it from!

With tomorrow being election day, I thought I'd link to a story that had me laughing. Some clowns and others are angry that folks are calling Washington politics a circus. Check it Out!

Make sure you get out and do your civic duty tomorrow! We can't complain about what our politicians are up to if we don't vote as we see fit... Just my 2 cents worth. Peace Out!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cool Change... or is that a song?

The cool fall air is upon us! Makes me get psyched up for the rut! I am going to spend the next week in the woods during the day, and with you on our favorite station at night!

As I've said before, I'm kind of a UFO buff... I think the stories are interesting! Now you can have your very own coffee table book on Close Encounters! Check it out here!

I love the Sprint Cup Racing at Talledega, and so does NASCAR! Check out Today's NASCAR Moment, this story from Dave Rodman!
Keep your heads and your radios up! Peace Out!