Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beautiful Day!

Hello Classic Rockers! What a Gorgeous Day!!! I've been helping get the food and beverage court at RiverFest! A Great list of entertainment, including Arch Allies and The Remainders!!!! Lots of adult libations, and fun times!!!!

I will be on the Loggers Home Road Trip bus tomorrow night, so the blog will be on hold 'till Thursday.

I'll have the Bud Bike for the last Qualifiying Stop on Friday at Newie's North Star 7-9 pm..... stop by and say Hi!

This story caught my attention. As a believer, I agree with the addition to the billboard (done by vandals)..... but they maybe shouldn't have done it..... fair is fair.

Hope you all have a Great Night! Thanks for listening! TTFN