Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot Hooter's Party on a Hot Thursday!!!

Hot, Sticky, Humid..... Don;t know if I'm talking about the weather, or our Hooter's Party tonight, ROTFL. We are making happy hour hotter!!! Kelly and I will be at Hooter's broadcasting live from 5-8 tonight.... you could win a Hooter's Wing Party for 10!!!! See you there!!

Say what you want about Michael Jackson.... he was a bit different.... but he was a musical genius.... and, according to this story and an upcoming TV special.... a hands-on, decent dad. Thought i'd include this as a way to recognize dads!

Don't forget to stop in and see me on Saturday at United Auto Supply in Center 90 Onalaska. I'll have the Tricked Out Charger down there from 10-Noon. Stop in on your way to Freedomfest!

As an avid hunter, I kind of liked this story about how the government is using confiscated or found antlers, ets. Get the scoop here.

TTFN... I'll catch you at Hooter's, or on the flip side! Peace Out!