Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Overall Nice Day!!!!!

Hello Classic Rockers! What a beautiful day! My wife will be happy as I got the lawn mowed (it needed it badly, LOL).

I'm not one to get into hard news, or politics..... but as a vet, it ticks me off to see the general who has done such a good job get canned over an opinion. That's all I'm gonna say about McChrystal's 'resignation'.

Some of you might not believe it, but I enjoy Astronomy. I came across this story about sunspot activity that caught my eye.... check it out!

The Bud Bike V will be at John's Bar tomorrow night with yours truly. Stop by from 7-9pm for a shot to win this bad-boy!

I'll be throwing out the first pitch Friday at the Logger game for WLFN night at the Lumberyard... details on the Loggers here.

Get your Classic Rock fix on your dial at 100.1! Thanks for listening! Peace Out!