Friday, June 18, 2010

Stormy Weather, et al......

'Tis that time of year! Storms keeping one up all night, LOL!

This weekend is slammed! It's kind of cool to be this busy! I'll have the Tricked Out Charger at the United Auto Supply in Center 90 Onalaska from 10-Noon tomorrow.

Thanks to the gang at Hooter's for a heck of a party last night! I felt a little bit old when Chelsea (one of the girls we interviewed) told Kelly and I that she was born in 1988. I graduated high-school then...... WOW!

I thought I'd heard of most everything, 'till I saw this story on a billboard that actually emits odors!!!! I hope they don't come to the Coulee Region!

Make sure to catch Three Dog Night and REO Speedwagon on Saturday at Freedomfest.

I'll have the Beach Cruiser out and about on Sunday.... if you see us, say Hi!!

Have a Great Weeekend... Catch you on the flipside.... Peace Out!