Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Weekend: Down the Tubes ROTFL :-)

Well, we survived another weekend! It was busy, as usual (I DJ weddings and help run sound and lights at church). I picked myself up a really snazzy DJ trailer for just $500 bucks... prety cool, and thanks James! I'm in for Karen today... Hope you feel better girl!

There was no Sprint Cup race this weekend, but the other two series raced in St. Louis. Carl Edwards pulled off the victory in the Nationwide race. It was a controversial finish. Get Carl's take on the finish here.

I'm glad I'm not trying to make it as a thief, and especially glad I'm not this guy! He as to have bad luck, or just not smart enough to plan? I'll let you decide.

So, as the world we live in is being explored more and more, there is only one frontier that is still largely unexplored..... the undersea.

Check out this story about some of the neat life that scientists are finding there!

Well, now, I gotta fly! Have a Great Day! TTFN, Peace Out!