Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interesting Weather, Not?

It seems that the longer I live, the more I am in thrall of the weather. Storms, Heat, Snow.... I love it all! (Well, maybe not so much the heat, ROTFL!) It seems we are a ways from snow.... But that's why we live here, is it not? Four distinct seasons, and we are definitely in summer!

In NASCAR news.... I found a story on my Favorite Driver.... The #00. In this story some folks take a head-to-head look at the chances for Dave to make the chase for the cup. I for one would like to see it happen. It would be good for Dave, and great for Michael Waltrip Racing!

I grew up working on a dairy farm across the road from my folks' place, and I saw some pretty weird stuff, but this story on two headed cows had me doing, well, a doubloe take. Check it out!

Keep Rockin'! Peace Out!