Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stormy Wed Blues....

I sincerely hope that you all weathered the storm..... or as REO says... 'Rode the Storm Out.' Out by us, it was just a lot of rain, and a bit of wind. Coming in today, I saw some damage, hope it wasn't you :-)

I really think that it is cool that Dale Earnhart Jr. won the Nationwide race at Daytona in a car that is a tribute to his late father. The car is now on display at Daytona, but for how long? Details here!

So, local and national triathalons have been gaining in popularity for some time, but a world-wide triatholon? This Iowa man is going to try a huge one! 1200 miles worth! Get the full story here.

Thanks for listening, catch you tomorrow night! Peace Out!