Monday, July 5, 2010

Wow.... Back to Normal?

Another Riverfest is in the books! Thanks to one and all who helped make the time down there fly by.... wether it was Arch Allies, The Freezers, the Remainders or the Swifty Swine racing pig show, it was all a great time! A Special shout out to John Kockler, and his kids for making the time in the food and beverage garden go!

Now that things have settled a bit, it's time to talk about the Bud Bike! It will be given away at Nutbush on Saturday night! Hope you all have a great time... I'm on assignment up in Northern Minnessota.

So, I thought I'd thow you this story about cops geting caught speeding thru red lights, etc..... it happend in Iowa.... go figure.

Have a Great Night! TTFN.