Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot and Wet... Reminds me of "Good Morning Vietnam" LOL

Wow, I wish all of this rain would knock down the humidity! Things are not as busy this week.... a chance to kick back a bit, catch up on some reading, and beginning to practice for the Flyers' performance in the Octoberfest parades. I can't wait! I think the new tunes are going to rock!

Wow! The Race for The NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase is heating up! Two more races, Kevin Harvick and Kyle Bush are in for sure, the rest??? Jamie McMurray is outside the top 12 by 100 points, Mark Martin by 101 and Ryan Newman still has a chance, he's out by 118. Who will be the champ? It's anyone's guess, but here is a head-to-head discussion on overlooked drivers. Enjoy!

Ever seen a $2 Million car? Niether have I..... however, this guy seems to think that he can make one! The DiMora Natalia sounds neat, but I know that even if I did have the money, I'd never buy it!!! Get the full scoop here!

Stay dry! Keep the radio and your spirits up! Peace Out!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hot Hot Hot (Again!)

Will it stay hot? I hope not! The AC is working hard (and the elctric bill keeps climbing, LOL)!
I hope you are staying cool out there!

I'm a firm believer in our Constitutional Rights, including that of free speech. So this story of some Minneapolis zombies being awarded $165K in a free-speech lawsuit brightened my day, may it do the same for you!

In following NASCAR the last few years, I've been in stitches watching the "Said Heads." These Boris Said fans will do things like wearing huge black wigs, in imitation of their favorite driver. Well, Said Heads can rejoice this week, as Boris won his first ever Nationwde race at Montreal this weekend. Get the full story Here!

Stay Cool! Peace Out!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wow, What a Party!!!

Congrats to all of our winners!!!! Thanks to all at Preferred Distributing (Miller), Pishke Motors, United Auto and Flynn's Customz for making it all possible. Don't the Freezers rock?

On a serious note.... while we were partying it up last night, my brother's house got robbed. Man, This just ticks me right off! We think because we live in a small-town/ rural area that things like this aren't supposed to happen, but they do. I'll jump off my soap-box now.

I'm focusing on the Truck race tonight with today's NASCAR Moment. Rick Crawford has been off for the last four months (and he'd rather have been driving!) and is back for tonight's race. Here's Details!

If you are planning a trip to LA anytime soon, be prepared for some interesting dining company! Here's a story about the Dining Vikings!

Another busy weekend... Maybe I can slow down on Sunday night? TTFN.... Peace Out!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Perfect Weather for the Giveaway!!!!

If 'yall haven't planned pn being at the SouthSide Fest Grounds tonight, ya gots to!!!! That tircked out Dodge Charger is just begging for a new home, and it could be yours! Congrats to all of our qualifers... and you could be our last finalist, even if you didn't qualify! We will pick a name from all the attenders. How cool will it be to put that sucker in your garage?

If you have followed my blog before, you probably know that I am an astronomy buff. I also like to follow (and laugh at for the most part) the "UFO Phenomenon." So, this story on UFO photographs and video was really cool to me!

The sprint Cup guys are off this weekend, so I thought I'd link to this opinon story from NASCAR.com about Canada's chances for a Sprint Cup race. The Nationwide drivers and crews already go up there for a race in Toronto every year, and Carl Edwards speaks out on what he thinks of the whole thing.

We'll see you at the Fest Grounds!!! Peace Out!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One More Day!!!

'Till we give away the Charger!!!! Get to the Sout Side Festgrounds by 6:00!
Cool Tunes with The Freezers, and plenty of Miller products to imbibe in!
Even if you are not a qualifier, come on down.... you could be our last finalist!

Walmart on Jeff Gordon's #24 Cup Car? Say it ain't so, but aparently it could be, get the details here!

Now, I've heard of some stupid things that people do when in the slammer, but this gal is just plain DUMB!!!! Check out how she was trying to smuggle drugs into jail with her..... I agree with Bill Engval that "stupid peole should have to wear signs" ROTFL.

TTFN, get outside and enjoy the evening! Peace Out!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How's Your Tuesday?

Mine is going well! It is blessedly cooler!!! Getting fired up about the giveaway party for Thursday night! Make plans to attend, even if you're not a qualifier, as we will have a finalist drawn from everyone who isn't a qualifyer! We'll be at the south side festgrounds... Gates open at 5:45.... things kick off at 6:00, and we'll give away that awesome Charger around 10:00! With Music by the Freezers, it'll be a great time!

It seems that gators are taking over the country!!! Check out this story on alligators found in places like Chicagio and New York, What next, the Mississippi?

In today's NASCAR Moment, I'm linking to a Head-to-Head debate on the future of Penske racing, and the Kesselowski/ Allgiier question. It's a pretty good year for Pneske... can they keep it going?

Gotta fly, have a meeting! TTFN... Peace Out!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Great Day to pull a Double, LOL

It's a truly beautiful day, not? I got out to my mom and dad's-- was able to raid the garden for some fresh tomatoes and cukes. BLTs at lunch were Awesome!

Love him or hate him, Kyle Bush pulled off something that's never been done before this past week when he won all three major NASCAR events at Bristol. Here's a video of the top 5 from Bristol.

As a astronomy buff, I found this story to be pretty cool. It's on the "shrinking moon". Chek it out!

Me, I'm gonna have me a good night, you do the same, hear? Peace Out!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can this Weather Get Any Better?

Too bad most of my work is inside, LOL.

Just came from Radio Flyers practice. Dare I say we're gonna rock?! A couple of new songs, I think you will be pleasantly suprised in the Octoberfest parades!

Next Year's NASCAR schedules are official! Check them out here!

So, I've heard of really stupid stuff in my day, but I think this one takes the cake! the man pictured on the right was arrested for stealing.... the thing is, where he was hiding the goods.... I was in stitches!!!!! Get the whole story!

Thanks again for listening! Peace Out!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Great Day!

I hope these keep coming! This is the best weather we've had, in my not so humble opininon, LOL.

Well, I'll have the Charger out next week, details when I have them from Kelly!

You may wonder about this picture.... It's a shot of a gamer who likes his racing games, and thought he could use his skills on the track...... read all about it here!

Today's NASCAR moment is this link to a video showing the decal process for Kyle Bush's truck team. He's going for yet another truck win at Bristol this weekend. Enjoy!

Keep Rockin'! Peace Out!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dare I say a Perfect Day?

Wow is a good way to put it! I hope you are or have been outside to enjoy it!We are getting ever closer to giving away the Charger! That'll be one heck of a party, not?

Today's NASCAR Moment is in celebration of Kevin Harvick's win on Sunday. He talks about some of the thoughts Here. Al;so, Joe Menzer (the author) talks about Kevin's rise to where he is.

Ever have one of those days when you think you are going thru the same thing over and over? Well, this gal is living a real life Groundhog Day (as in the movie) Check it out!
'Yall have a great night! Peace Out!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sorry I was out yesterday :-(

My bad for being gone yesterday... back issues. I didn't think I was old enough for that? It's all good now, LOL.

In a "Thank God it's not us" story, 500 people were bitten by rabid bats in Peru!!! It's true, I can't make this stuff up! Get Details!
In today's NASCAR Moment, we look at Richard Childress Racing, and the fact that they are moving to four teams for next year.
Headed out to see the Loggers, TTFN, Peace Out!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stay Indoors, and listen to us!!!

It is TOOOO hot, not? Hope it gets better for the Logger's game tomorrow night!

In today's NASCAR moment, we take a peek at yet more changes happening! Here's the link! Enjoy!

For my normal strange bit, I found this story about ghosts in the machine, I mean the ball parks. It gave me a new perspective, LOL.

Take it easy 'Yall, and STAY COOL! Peace Out!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grey Sky, Muggy!

Yup, this was a day to just sit and enjoy the AC. Hope you are staying cool out there!

This story and the related video had me in stitches!!!! I've heard of being angry about not getting your way, but this is rediculous!!!! This gal can't get chicken nuggets, so she goes on the rampage! Check it out!

I'm continuing yesterday's NASCAR moment with this story on more changes to the 2011 Sprint Cup Schedule. Enjoy!

Keep the AC and the rado cranked up! Peace Out!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot Again!!!!

Stay inside, keep the air on, or if you have to go out, go swimming, LOL!Hello, and Thanks again for listening!

In today's NASCAR moment, a story about shaking things up in the schedule for next year. Chicagoland Speedway gets to kick off the Chase next year!

I know that it's summer, and that means travel and vacations. It used to be that Route 66 was the big attraction. I mean the whole road, LOL! Well, I found this story on a mining town in AZ that owes its continued existence to a bunch of asses, and I don't mean the people. Check it out!
TTFN, Keep cool! Peace Out!

Friday, August 6, 2010


I'm in for Neil on the "All-Request-Workday" today. Sorry to those who look for me at night, I'll be back Monday! Tomorrow night is big for Sammy Hagar fans!!!! Thanks to all who participated in our contests! Next thing to think about? Kornfest! I personally am looking forward to seeing the Nitty Grity Dirt Band..... they put on a heck of a show!!!

In today's NASCAR Moment, Elliot Sadler talks about his wreck at Pocono on Showtime's Inside NASCAR. This wreck was the hardest hit in NASCAR history!

I know it's been hot lately, and especially so for the folks on the East Coast. In New York, they are beating the heat with dumpster pools! Yup, a company has been reconditioning dumpsters into pools. Check it out here!

Well, stay cool, enjoy your weekend, and we'll catch 'yall back here on Monday! Peace Out!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Got Lots Done Today!

Wow! I can't believe all that I got done today :-) I completely reorganized our storage shed, and was able to move all of the crud from the garage to the shed, so tomorrow I can start fixing the motorcycle.... maybe I'll even get to ride this year, cool.

Tomorrow, I'll be doing the "All-Request Workday" for Neil, as he is in for Kelly in the morning.

Today's NASCAR moment is the Entry List for Watkins Glen.

Ever go diging for change in the couch? This kid found $650! no kidding!! Wish it was my couch, ROTFL!

Well, it's all text today, sorry about that! Keep your heads and your radios up! Peace Out!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wed, HumpDay!

And looking forward to a weekend off!!! I hope you are heading to Ft. McCoy to see Sammy Hagar and Creed. Me, I got family stuff going on.... and actually looking forward to it :-)

This gal does a neat Radiohead tribute, using ukuleles of all things! Check it out here! As you probably know, Radiohead's music is a bit dark, but this brightens it, LOL.

Marcus Ambrose, the Australian driver of the #47 Sprint Cup car has decided to move on from his current ride at the end of the season, as I mentioned a few days ago. This story goes into a bit more of what is going on in his world. I kind of hope he gets a ride for next year, he is always so positive!

TTFN, Peace Out!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nice Day, Not?

Another beautiful day! I knew it would be coming...... it's time for the Vike's to wonder, is he, or isn't he? Well, you can win a pair of tickets to see Sammy Hagar at Ft. McCoy on Saturday, just for giving us your opinion on our poll!

It has been said that Kentucky Raceway needs a Cup race. I kind of agree, but that means dropping another race. Today's NASCAR moment is a head-to-head discussion on wich track that should be.

This last bit for today is my "Thank God it didn't fall on me!" This hailstone is over 1#!!!!!! Get the full story here!

'Yall take care now! Peace Out!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday, Monday..... Another of those old songs, LOL!

Yup, it's Monday! Thanks to all who were involved in the Culee Region Race... We helped earn Over $14K for the Boys and Girls Clubs!!!! Plus, ThunderRide scored $100K for juvinile diabetes research!!! YEA!!!

Congrats to the Biff (Greg Biffle) on his win on Sunday at Pocono, but I want to focus on the safety side of the new car. Elliot Sadler took a HUGE hit on the infield wall, and was just a little bit sore afterwards. Get the whole story here.

As a space buff, I don't know how to take this story on new space research for what they call "Earth-like Plants"..... it seems kind of cool, but we are running the biggest defecits we ever have, and this money might be better spent elsewhere? You be the judge.
Gotta fly... back atcha tomorrow! Peace Out!