Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot and Wet... Reminds me of "Good Morning Vietnam" LOL

Wow, I wish all of this rain would knock down the humidity! Things are not as busy this week.... a chance to kick back a bit, catch up on some reading, and beginning to practice for the Flyers' performance in the Octoberfest parades. I can't wait! I think the new tunes are going to rock!

Wow! The Race for The NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase is heating up! Two more races, Kevin Harvick and Kyle Bush are in for sure, the rest??? Jamie McMurray is outside the top 12 by 100 points, Mark Martin by 101 and Ryan Newman still has a chance, he's out by 118. Who will be the champ? It's anyone's guess, but here is a head-to-head discussion on overlooked drivers. Enjoy!

Ever seen a $2 Million car? Niether have I..... however, this guy seems to think that he can make one! The DiMora Natalia sounds neat, but I know that even if I did have the money, I'd never buy it!!! Get the full scoop here!

Stay dry! Keep the radio and your spirits up! Peace Out!