Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How's Your Tuesday?

Mine is going well! It is blessedly cooler!!! Getting fired up about the giveaway party for Thursday night! Make plans to attend, even if you're not a qualifier, as we will have a finalist drawn from everyone who isn't a qualifyer! We'll be at the south side festgrounds... Gates open at 5:45.... things kick off at 6:00, and we'll give away that awesome Charger around 10:00! With Music by the Freezers, it'll be a great time!

It seems that gators are taking over the country!!! Check out this story on alligators found in places like Chicagio and New York, What next, the Mississippi?

In today's NASCAR Moment, I'm linking to a Head-to-Head debate on the future of Penske racing, and the Kesselowski/ Allgiier question. It's a pretty good year for Pneske... can they keep it going?

Gotta fly, have a meeting! TTFN... Peace Out!