Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday, Monday..... Another of those old songs, LOL!

Yup, it's Monday! Thanks to all who were involved in the Culee Region Race... We helped earn Over $14K for the Boys and Girls Clubs!!!! Plus, ThunderRide scored $100K for juvinile diabetes research!!! YEA!!!

Congrats to the Biff (Greg Biffle) on his win on Sunday at Pocono, but I want to focus on the safety side of the new car. Elliot Sadler took a HUGE hit on the infield wall, and was just a little bit sore afterwards. Get the whole story here.

As a space buff, I don't know how to take this story on new space research for what they call "Earth-like Plants"..... it seems kind of cool, but we are running the biggest defecits we ever have, and this money might be better spent elsewhere? You be the judge.
Gotta fly... back atcha tomorrow! Peace Out!