Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One More Day!!!

'Till we give away the Charger!!!! Get to the Sout Side Festgrounds by 6:00!
Cool Tunes with The Freezers, and plenty of Miller products to imbibe in!
Even if you are not a qualifier, come on down.... you could be our last finalist!

Walmart on Jeff Gordon's #24 Cup Car? Say it ain't so, but aparently it could be, get the details here!

Now, I've heard of some stupid things that people do when in the slammer, but this gal is just plain DUMB!!!! Check out how she was trying to smuggle drugs into jail with her..... I agree with Bill Engval that "stupid peole should have to wear signs" ROTFL.

TTFN, get outside and enjoy the evening! Peace Out!