Thursday, August 26, 2010

Perfect Weather for the Giveaway!!!!

If 'yall haven't planned pn being at the SouthSide Fest Grounds tonight, ya gots to!!!! That tircked out Dodge Charger is just begging for a new home, and it could be yours! Congrats to all of our qualifers... and you could be our last finalist, even if you didn't qualify! We will pick a name from all the attenders. How cool will it be to put that sucker in your garage?

If you have followed my blog before, you probably know that I am an astronomy buff. I also like to follow (and laugh at for the most part) the "UFO Phenomenon." So, this story on UFO photographs and video was really cool to me!

The sprint Cup guys are off this weekend, so I thought I'd link to this opinon story from about Canada's chances for a Sprint Cup race. The Nationwide drivers and crews already go up there for a race in Toronto every year, and Carl Edwards speaks out on what he thinks of the whole thing.

We'll see you at the Fest Grounds!!! Peace Out!