Thursday, September 30, 2010

Torchlight Parade Night!

I hope to see all of you at tonight's Torchlight Parade! The Flynn Bros Cutomz Tricked Out Truck will be in the parade, as well as the Radio Flyers!

I got a sneak peek at the Onalaska Jaycee's Shed of the Dead last night. It is going to be totally Awesome! Be ready to have the wits scared out of you!!!! It will be a night to remember when you get out there and see it. It opens tomorrow night!

There is a chance that the Bush brothers could be battling it out for the Sprint Cup. Today's NASCAR Moment is a look at this week's Track Smack.

In keeping with the Halloween traditions (it is almost October you know, LOL) I found this story to be cool. A huge boot statue to honor a very large dude! Enjoy!

TTFN, Prost! Peace Out!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Beautiful Day!

I love fall days like this! Making me want to get into the woods for some bow hunting! We will see all of you at the Torchlight Parade tomorrow night, and I hope those of you who saw the Brett Michaels show enjoyed yourself! Prost!

It seems that the newest hotel in Vegas is giving some guests a bit of a 'Death Ray.' Check out this story on the new Vdara Hotel. It is a minor design flaw, ROTFL!!!!

The heart of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase heads to Kansas this weekend, so today's NASCAR Moment is a look at the 'Inside Line' from Enjoy!
Keep Festing, and we will see you tomorrow! Peace Out!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glad for Tuesday!

I enjoy Tuesdays! I get to gather with some folks from the stations for our weekly brainstorming session, and also get to spend some time ministering to inmates at the county jail (I am a bible-study leader). It really makes one appreciate the things in life that we have. I hope you are having a Great Day!

Pot is on the ballot for legalization in California in November..... so, I thought it poetic to look at the "Stoniest" movies..... get the low down here!

Today's NASCAR Moment is a look at the current Owner's Point battle in the Nationwide Truck Series. Enjoy!

If you are headed out to the sold-out Brett Michaels Show.... don't have too much fun! We will catch you back here tomorrow! Peace Out!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Festing Continues!

A big THANK YOU to all of you who came out to cheer us on in the MapleLeaf Parade on Saturday, and we will see you agian at the TorchLight Parade Thursday! You make it fun to be a Radio Flyer. Enjoy the Packer/Bears game toinght!

Jimmy Johnson showed why he is a four time champ this past Sunday, with a convincing win at Dover.... check out this report on their success in today's NASCAR Moment!

Another Jimmy is in the news, this time the owner of Segway (you know, those 2 wheeled things like in Mall Cop) died on his own machine. You may like this story on others who allegedly or otherwise died from their own creations..... Too bad!
Enjoy the Festing! Prost! Peace Out!

Friday, September 24, 2010

OktoberFest is Upon Us!

Thanks to all who came out for the Opening Day Parade! We will see you all tomorrow at the MapleLeaf Parade.... Don't party too hard, LOL! Thanks also to all who came out for Cary Heating and Air for Cary Cares! I love getting out and about for the station!

Now, I've seen some bad misspellings in the past, but this billboard in South Bend, IN takes the award for the worst I've seen..... Pubic Schools instead of Public.... I can't make this up! Check it Out!

Today's NASCAR Moment takes us to NASCAR.Com's Track Smack for this week. Enjoy!

Keep warm for the parade tomorrow! Peace Out!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hump Day Once Again!

We're half way thru another week, with a big weekend ahead of us! Parades, bands, and lots of Festing! Make sure youkeep up with all that is going on at our Events Link!

Ever wanted to create your very own zombie? Here's how the do it in Haiti! (but don't try this at home, LOL)

It seems that Clint Bowyer's big win on Sunday may have had some help! In today's NASCAR Moment, let's look at the aftermath.... fines, and loss of points.... here's the full monty!
TTFN! Peace Out!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soggy oggy Day.

In for your All Request Workday today! (Hope you feel better Neil!) Setting up part of the new PA for Radio Flyers practice this afternoon. This is going to be cool! Congrats to Craig of Quillin's our Whole Lotta Lunch winner from Erbert and Gerbert's downtown!

Remember Terry Prachett? Unless you are a sci-fi nut like me, you might not, LOL! He wrote Discworld, among others, and has been nighted by the queen of England... his latest project? A sword made out of mediorites... Check it out! This is cool!

Today's NASCAR Moment is a look at the Sights & Sounds of Loudon, NH from this past Sunday. Enjoy!
Have a Great Day! Peace Out!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Packer Domination, and Other stories

Wow! Did we have a blast at Lambeau yesterday! There were some hitches getting going (Scott, you know who you are, LOL), and we had to stop and pick up a couple of people who got on the wrong bus (I told you ladies I'd have to pick on you too!)... it was a day to remember. The Pack did their job with a convincing win over Buffalo! The atomosphere at Lambeau was electric! Thanks to all who came on the trip, I can't wait to do it again!

And now back to 100.1 Classic Rock... I will have the Flyn Bros. Tricked Out Truck in the opening parade on Friday, followed by a remote at Cary Heating.... looking forward to it! Plus, the Radio Flyers are ready to rock in both of the big parades, the MapleLeaf on Saturday and the Torchlight on Thursday night next week. Can't wait!

In today's NASCAR moment, let's take a look at what happened for Clit Bowyer, who jumped all the way to second in the Chase standings with his fuel-milage gamble at Louden on Sunday, and what the experts think of it! Get the full story.

And finally.... a new World's Longest Nose! This story is just funny!

TTFN! Peace Out!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Brief Vacation Starts Tomorrow!

Yup, I'll be taking a few days off... much needed btw! Make sure you get your Packers Bills bus trip tickets, tomorrow is the cutoff! Join my wife and I on this fabulous trip!

Today's NASCAR Moment, here's a story for Kevin Harvik fans, and his chances in the Chase.

I know that the housing crunch is hitting a lot of people hard. However, you might just want to dig trhu your attic.... these folks found an Action Comics #1 in theirs. It will probably save their home.... get the details here!
'Yall have a good weekend... I'll see some of you on Sunday... Go Pack! Peace Out!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is It Hot, or Is It Cold? Typical Wisconson Weather, LOL!

So, the weather can't decide between hot and cold.... Typical for this time of year! Got outside and did more work on the PA. I have a stubborn speaker that doesn't seem to want to respond to my fixes.... UGH! I'll get it there tho :-) It's still not too late to jump on the bus with my wife and I on Sunday to see the Packers take on the Bills! Get your tickets here!

This story had me in stitches laughing so hard! It appears that this gal, Jennifer Gille, decided to get naked to convince a cabbie to take her to Michigan. He refused, so she stole his cab.... Check it Out!

Today's NASCAR Moment is this Chase Overview from Enjoy!

Take it Easy, will catch you on the flipside. Peace Out!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Bright, Sunshiney Day! (or is that another song, LOL)

It is just too nice to be sitting iside working, LOL! Get out and enjoy it while you can! Thanks to all who made Steppin' Out and Rockin' Out in Pink a huge success!

This week, in out NASCAR Moments, we will be concentrating on all things Chase. And the biggest news is Denny Hamlin, with his win at Richmond on Saturday night becomes the top seed. Check out the whole story!

I remember going to the circus as a kid, and I always liked the sideshows, you know, where they had all the weird stuff, right? Well, Coney Island has a sideshow going on now that features some weird facial hair. Get a Load of the Pictures here!

Stay warm tonight! (45 for a low) and I'll catch you back here tomorrow! Peace Out!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Another busy weekend awaits, LOL. I have a cancer benefit in Trempealeau on Sat afternoon, followed by Rockin' Out In Pink at Mount La Crosse with the Remainders. Sunday brings our one year celebration at Watermarx Church, where I will be running sound with the new PA. Hopefully I can catch the Packers! Should be a great game! Plus, the Richmond race.... Lots to do!

Looking for a change of career? Maybe you could be a toy designer! It is, however, not all fun and games.... check out this story from AOL.

This weekend's race in Richmond might not have chase implications any more, since the field will be all but set when the green flag drops, but that doesn't mean drivers won't give their all! Check out today's NASCAR Moment!
'Yall have a Great Weekend! Catch you back here on Monday! Peace Out!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

In For Karen on This Blah Day, LOL

It's just one of those kind of days :-) In for Karen, hope you feel better girl! Will Catch all of you on Saturday night at Rockin' Out In Pink! The Remainders are awesome, not?

Last chance weekend for driver's to make the Sprint Cup Chase! Here's this weeks Inside NASCAR story. Enjoy!

The astronomy buff in me is coming out again, LOL. I caught this story about some near-earth asteroids that could come really close! I think that we could get hit again, as all of the craters around the world suggest we have before. Who knows?

Enjoy your day! Keep dry... and Peace Out!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Beautiful Day to Get Work Done!

Spent most of the day in the garage working on the new PA... I think it's gonna rock! Can't wait to debut it in the Octoberfest Parade! (It will be on our float.... will have to tame it down some, LOL) I had some kids in the park ask me to play some music for them..... they were covering their ears, ROTFL.

The world is about to get a new shortest man! This kid from Nepal is about to turn 18, and is a whole 5 inches shorter than the current shortest man. Get the details!

For today's NASCAR Moment, we are going to check in with the Power Rankings for Richmond. Last race before the Chase begins! Should be cool.

'Yall take care now, Hear? Peace Out!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long Weekend!

But boy, was it ever nice to just kick back for a few days! On the work side, I picked up my new (to me) large PA.... now the work starts to get everything ready to work with.... setting up for a picnic at church on Sunday! I hope your weekend was good. Holidays help with the sanity I think!
In today's NASCAR Moment, we take a look at a new CMT movie that will be coming out, featuring the life and times of Richard Petty! Check it out here!

I realized this guy was stupid when he took a couple bottles of beer, told off a passenger, then left the job in a most perculiar fashion.... but to allow pictures of yourself doing even more stupid things on the job????? Come On Man! Get the Details.
Don't play too hard! Peace Out!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Finally Some Cool Weather

Making me itch to get into the woods. Several large bucks are working te property where I bow hunt. It's just a great time of year!

I've heard of getting drunk and losing something, but a $1.25 Mil piece of art? Any your partner in trying to sell it has a criminal record for art theft? This is better than most crime stories!

In today's NSACAR Moment, we'll go "By the Numbers" For Atlanta! Enjoy!

Have a Great Labor Day Weekend... I'll catch you back here on Tuesday! Paeace Out!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wet.... Yup, Wet

A soggy day, but we needed the moisture, just hope that the weather will be good for the long weekend. Speaking of the weekend... I hope you are going to get together with you and yours! I plan to spend some time with dear friends I haven't seen for some time!

I believe that the youth are our future, and the same is true in NASCAR. Here's a story on who that could be, and what companies might step up to grab the next Tony Stewart" and be forever linked with one of these guys. Big race Sunday night in Atlanta. Can't wait!

Dead goats in Mexico? Ah man, what's next? This was a story I had to link to! Some people think there is a monster (chupacabra) on the loose, killing goats (not eating them tho... perculiar!) Check it out here!

Stay dry, TTFN.... Peace Out!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Totally Beautiful Day!!!

Getting out and enjoying it was a bomb! Hope you did the same :-) I for one am looking forward to this weekend.... what are your plans? I'm going to get away from everything and hang out with some friends... plus DJing a wedding. Should be a good weekend!

The "LizardMan" is being made into a wax statue. I ahdn't even heard of this guy... 'till now that is! This guy is augmented with teflon implants and a forked tounge. Interesting charachter, LOL. Get the full story!

Ever wonder (like I have) about what goes on behind-the-scenes in NASCAR? Well, today's NASCAR Moment takes us there! Check out this "Tools of the Trade" story from

I am stoked for the race on Sunday night from Atlanta. Enjoy!

TTFN Peace Out!