Monday, September 20, 2010

Packer Domination, and Other stories

Wow! Did we have a blast at Lambeau yesterday! There were some hitches getting going (Scott, you know who you are, LOL), and we had to stop and pick up a couple of people who got on the wrong bus (I told you ladies I'd have to pick on you too!)... it was a day to remember. The Pack did their job with a convincing win over Buffalo! The atomosphere at Lambeau was electric! Thanks to all who came on the trip, I can't wait to do it again!

And now back to 100.1 Classic Rock... I will have the Flyn Bros. Tricked Out Truck in the opening parade on Friday, followed by a remote at Cary Heating.... looking forward to it! Plus, the Radio Flyers are ready to rock in both of the big parades, the MapleLeaf on Saturday and the Torchlight on Thursday night next week. Can't wait!

In today's NASCAR moment, let's take a look at what happened for Clit Bowyer, who jumped all the way to second in the Chase standings with his fuel-milage gamble at Louden on Sunday, and what the experts think of it! Get the full story.

And finally.... a new World's Longest Nose! This story is just funny!

TTFN! Peace Out!