Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wet.... Yup, Wet

A soggy day, but we needed the moisture, just hope that the weather will be good for the long weekend. Speaking of the weekend... I hope you are going to get together with you and yours! I plan to spend some time with dear friends I haven't seen for some time!

I believe that the youth are our future, and the same is true in NASCAR. Here's a story on who that could be, and what companies might step up to grab the next Tony Stewart" and be forever linked with one of these guys. Big race Sunday night in Atlanta. Can't wait!

Dead goats in Mexico? Ah man, what's next? This was a story I had to link to! Some people think there is a monster (chupacabra) on the loose, killing goats (not eating them tho... perculiar!) Check it out here!

Stay dry, TTFN.... Peace Out!