Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cooler Weather, I like it!

I do like the cooler weather, Don't need to sweat whenever I go outside to get something done, and I don't need to wear skeeter dope! In for Karen tomorrow and Friday. She's with CMN Radiothon on WLFN. I'll be out with the Tricked Out Truck and the ATV on Friday, at Fast Eddie's in Sparta. Stop by and get Registered!

NASCAR is set to vote on the next installment class for the Hall of Fame, get the details here! As a Darrell Waltrip fan, I hope he makes the cut this time around!

So, In looking for some laughs, I came accross this story detailing the "Conclave of Light" a federation of planets, that now includes our very own Earth. This had me in stitches, Enjoy! TTFN, Peace Out!