Monday, October 18, 2010

Nice Fall Days!

The weather is just awesome! I love getting outside and winterizing, putting things away, and just walking! It is soooooo cool! Getting back to the regular schedule tomorrow, on at 6:00 PM. Karen will be returning in the afternoons, and Neil is back for your All-Request Workday. Thanks for hanging with us while we've switched around!

With another top ten fininsh on Saturday, Jimmie Johnson is putting on a clinic on how to deal with the Chase for the Sprint Cup. In today's NASCAR Moment, we look at this weeks 'Inside Line' from

Coming soon to an airline near you (well, not really, it's in New Zeland)...... 'Cuddle Class' Seating! It's true! folks can get tickets in these three seat rows, pay 1/2 price for the third seat, and stretch out for real. Check out the full story!
Enjoy the colors, and we'll catch you back here tomorrow. Peace Out!