Monday, October 25, 2010

Pack Wins!

Even tho I couldn't keep awake long enough, I read all I could about the close game last night. Sorry T-Wolf, Scott, and Brian..... I still like the outcome, LOL!
The NASCAR race was fun to watch. I get to see so few of them anymore.... The Chase is SOOOO close! We will touch on that in our NASCAR Moment. Remotes this week for the ATV give away, and my sound company will have gear at the big party Friday, and I will be doing sound and music for the Chill this weekend. Keeping busy as always!

As promised, here is a link to all-things Chase related. Enjoy!

I like going fast, I like racing, and I like this story about the 70 MPH mobility scooter! This is too cool!

Keep your heads and your radios up! TTFN, Peace Out!