Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting the Itch to Hunt!

Just wanted you all to know that I'll be out of the office, so to speak from Friday 'till the weekend after Thanksgiving.... Going to be in the woods, after the elusive white-tailed buck! Will be having fun with my brothers, a chance for us guys to get together, play poker, have a few beverages, and put food on the table. I can't wait!

What a difference a week makes! In Sunday's Sprint Cup race at Phoenix, Denny Hamiln needed a splash of gas, relegating him to a 12th place finish. He is still 1st in the points, but it is a lot closer than he'd like. Here's a story about his crew chief, and his reactions to the last two weeks. Enjoy!
This story has me wanting to go to Florida to pick up a truck.... Free AK 47s! I'm serious! Check it out!

Have a Great Night! Peace Out!