Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last Minute Winterizing, etc.

Had a few windows to get covered, and got some minor construction taken care of today! What great weather we've had, too bad it seems to be coming to a close :-(

Things are slowing down a bit at 100.1, but you can still get involved with the ATV and Bow Package giveaway... Neil will have the ATV at Burnstad's in Tomah on Friday from 4-6!

A while ago, I mentioned Denver's proposed UFO Commission. Well, the voters have spoken, and they don't like the idea... DUH! Here's the full story!

The recession has been hard on most enterprises, including my beloved NASCAR. However, times are beginning to look better. Check out this story on new sponsorships!
Thanks agiain for listening! Have a Great Night! Peace Out!