Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yup, Fall is Really Here, LOL!

The heat has needed to be on at our house, and has run thruought the day today, LOL.

Get a look at the ATV we are giving away with Miller and Two Bros Powersports tomorrow at Burnstad's in Tomah. Neil will have it out from 4-6.

Enjoy the Pro Championship Bullriding tomrorrow and Saturday. I will be at the Chill game in Onalaska running sound Saturday night. Stop by and say Hi!

As I've said before, the Chase for the Sprint Cup is as close as it has been in years! Here's a Link to all things Chase! Enjoy!

It seems that the infamous 'Toto' from the Wizard of Oz doesn't have a place to rest. His former grave was taken over by a freeway. Some folks want to help him get a new one! Check out the story here! There is a link to the Facebook Page where they are trying to raise money to inter the little guy! I think it's kind of cool, and just a little weird!

Keep warm, cuddle up, and listen to Classic Rock! Peace Out!