Monday, December 13, 2010

Finally Dug Out!

Wow! What a snowfall! I was out and about during the blizzard.... and yes, it was a blizzard, ROTFL! Took most of the day yesterday to try to dig out. Thank God for snowblowers is all I can say! Helping the neighbors that don't have one is part of the fun of snow removal! I'm just wondering where the township is going to go with all of the snow! The pile in front of my house is already 10 feet high, and about 40 feet wide! And it's only December! The skiing looks good tho! Maybe I can get out next week! Let's hope so! I hope all of you have gotten your place cleaned up! I'm subbing for Karen today, hope you are feeling better Girl!

In today's NASCAR Moment, let's look at the repaiving at Daytona Int'l Speedway. They have the project done! Get the Details!

I'm feeling sorry for Vikings fans today. Not only is the seaon in the tank, but so is their home stadium! Here's a story, with video of the collapse, and some of the other fun things that the storm caused this weekend. Enjoy!

Stay Warm, Keep Rockin'! TTFN, Peace Out!