Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It Is COLD!!!!

Wow! I really hope this cold snap comes to a close soon! The thermometer in the truck read -23 when I started it up this morning! I'm glad I winterized the house! I can only imagine how much gas we'd be using if I hadn't, LOL! I hope you and yours are staying warm in this.... if you do have to go out in this, bundle up in layers and protect your face.

A real-life DaVinci code? It appears that there are microscopic letters in the eyes of the Mona Lisa that may have some meaning. Get Detals!

In today's NASCAR Moment, let's look at Greg Biffle of Rosch-Fenway Racing's season recap, and a look at their expectaitons for 2011. Here's the story.
Well. Keep the faith, stay warm, and keep it tuned to 100.1! Peace Out!