Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let It Snow!

Is Mt. La Crosse open yet? I'll need to take a look! This snow is really giving me the itch to hit the slopes! Holiday train is expected at around 9:15, we will be there with music and greetings from Santa! Get out and enjoy it!

NASCAR, as many of you know, operates north of our borders as well, In Canada. In today's NASCAR Momnet, we will look at this story announcing Keystone Light to be the new title sponsor for NASCAR Canada.

Meet Zach. He's turning 16, and has been racing since he was 12, starting with go-carts. What is interesting is that he doesn't have adrivers licence, and thinks that driving on the road is harder than driving on the track! Get the full story here!

Don't break your back shoveling, TTFN.. Peace Out!