Monday, January 31, 2011

First Time on a Sled in 15 Years, ROTFL.

So, a friend of mine has a couple of sleds, and I took him up on his offer to go out on Saturday night. We rode up to Four Corners, to another friend's cabin... a word to the wise... if you haven't been on a sled in 15 years, don't take a 75 mile ride out of the box... my upper body is still killing me, LOL. It was a blast, except for the freezing rain in my eyes... I'll definietly do that again. Kudos to all of the clubs that keep those trails so nice ;-)
My hat is off to NASCAR... I have to admit that I like the 'Drive fro Diversity' program that they put on. In Today's NASCAR Moment, let's look at this year's driver lineup.

Wanted to let you all know about our big Packers' Pep Rally happening on Saturday (details here) come on out and show your Packer Pride! And the team is on it's way to Dallas for the Big Game! Here's the story!


'Yall take it slow out there! This Snow Sucks!!! Peace Out!