Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Already!

And a rare Friday with no plans, but to hang out with you all at Classic Rock 100.1! Stop by the Omni Center for Chill Hockey tomorrow night! Catch you on Monday!

Having become a hockey fan over the last few months of doing Chill games, I found this story to be pretty cool. These Atlanta Thrasher fans got married on the ice.... and plan a hockey related honeymoon. Get the details!

As a NASCAR fan, I really think that the guys in the pits are the soul of the team, as the driver is the heart, adn the crewchief is the head. In today's NSACAR Moment, let's look at thow the pit stop has evolved over the last 50 years!

'Yall have a good weekend. Maybe we'll see you at the gun show? TTFN, Peace Out!