Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Picked up a Boat!

I love folks who are willing to trade in this world, LOL. I just traded a couple of old guns that had been sitting in my gun case for the last three years without being used for a 24' pontoon boat. My old beat up fishing rig isn't quite big enough to let my wife lounge and relax. This pontoon is the answer. I can fish, she can lounge, and it's big enough to take friends out on the river this summer! Got my work cut out tho... all of the seating/ electrical/ etc will need to be redone before spring. I love these kind of projects, how about you? Drop me a line and let me know what your hobbies are!

I just love this story! Jordan, pictured at left, climbed Mt. Everest at 13, and is now going to take a trip to Antarctica! What an inspiration! Get the full story here!

We've been looking at 2011 expectations in our NASCAR Moments as of late, and today will be no exception. Let's look at who the experts think will exceed expectations for this year. Here's the details!
IN the words of a famous Sgt from Hill Street Blues (Remember that show? I used to watch it every week!): Let's be careful out there! Peace Out!