Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cold Enough For 'Ya?

Wow! I think my goose-bumps have goose-bumps, LOL! I'm just really glad that this doesn't happen more than a few times a year around here, and that they only last a few days at a time!

As you all know, I loves my NASCAR... any way I can get it! In today's NASCAR Moment, let's take a look at the new and improved 'RaceView' product. It allows you to follow your favorite driver or team, or the whole race on your computer in real time! Here's the story. I keep telling myself I'm going to invest in this!

Now, I've heard som kooky stuff, but this takes the cake! A UFO follower (for lack of a better term) wants the government to build a pyramid on top of Pike's Peak in Colorado. I'm serious, check it out here!
Keep the heaters and the radio turned up! Peace Out!