Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, Monday!

After the busy weekend, I just can't seem to get motivated today! The Chill split the 2 game homestand this weekend against Owatona... They play at Casson, MN Friday and Saturday nights. If you can't make the trip, check them out on Fast Hockey! The Spartans had a great game on Sunday... they are now 3-2, a game back in their division! It was fun to be involved in their 3rd straight win!

Congrats to RCR Racing and Kevin Harvick's big win at Martinsville on Sunday.... a look at how long it's been for RCR in today's NASCAR Moment. Texas night racing on Saturday this weekend!

.... Of all the things to do at the bank! This piece speaks for itself! Full Details Here!

'Yall take care now, hear? Peace Out!